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"Alive" by Evelyn Coffin

The first time she saw him he could have been alive. He could have stood up and embraced her. His body was a dark pool of skin, real skin: pores, veins, muscles, fingernails, everything—she could have slipped into it and felt something; she could have slipped into it and become.

"Jalapeño Peppers" by Emily Wunsch

Emily Wunsch is a writer and storyteller from Oak Park, IL. She has previously been published in Crest Literary Magazine. "Jalapeño Peppers" is a wonderfully designed short story. Read this latest release by this young Oak Park talent. 

Two Poems by Jordan Stone

Jordan Stone is a writer, model and songwriter from Chicago, IL currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Her two poems here present a softness and meditation used solely for love. Read Jordan's work by visiting our site and see the work of many more young artists!

EKG Poems by Tony Foley

Tony Foley is a poet, essayist, performing and visual artist from Honolulu, HI currently living in Chicago, IL. These EKG poems are directly translated from the physical and emotional states of the body.