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"Paranoid" by Tommy Figel

Tommy Figel is an artist born and raised in Oak Park, IL. In addition to performing with BRAVO Performing Arts Academy, he has also produced several documentary films for them. He has performed in dozens of musicals and stage plays over the course of the last decade.

Three Architectural Studies by Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole is an undergraduate architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology. He was born and raised in Chicago. In these architectural studies, Kevin Cole shows us his grasp on the technical and the personal. The result is a depiction of the moment when observations in form and shape meet strokes of freedom and exploration.



Art by Sergio Farfán

Sergio Farfan is a Peruvian artist based in Chicago. The meaning behind his art is to creatively motivate and inspire the dreamer in all of us, the kid who comes from nothing, the teen who sees the train as a canvas, and the soul who will always stay young at heart. He views art as a method of communication, therapy, and self-expression.

Six Illustrations by Kayla Mahaffey

Kayla Mahaffey is an illustrator and fine artist who conveys stories and tales with each of her pieces. Her artwork has been featured in shows at Plus Gallery, Genesis Art Supply, The Black Couch, and Capital One Cafe, several of which she also served as the curator.

Mixed Media Art by Zach Bartz

Zach Bartz is a painter from Chicago, IL. His works are distinguished by his relatable, almost comic style in his brushwork allows us to enter the surface of the canvas. See more of Zach's work by visiting Callosum Magazine!

Print Media by Robert Rusch

Robert Rusch is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer from Chicago, IL. His compositions reveal a playful approach to space and dimensionality. See more of Robert's work on Callosum Magazine!