Art by Sergio Farfán

Art by Sergio Farfán

Sergio Farfán

Sergio Farfan is a Peruvian artist based in Chicago. The meaning behind his art is to creatively motivate and inspire the dreamer in all of us, the kid who comes from nothing, the teen who sees the train as a canvas, and the soul who will always stay young at heart. He views art as a method of communication, therapy, and self-expression.

He finds inspiration in the works of Piet Mondrian, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, KAWS, Shepard Fairey, and Banksy. Sergio is also motivated by the beauty in urban environments. He strongly believes that graffiti is a form of art, and his passion is to influence people to view graffiti in the same light. 

Sergio typically works in acrylic on wood panels and canvases. He signs every piece with a question mark. The question mark represents his motto: “Life is a Mystery.” We cannot determine what will happen in this life, and this mystery makes everyone's tale noteworthy.

You can find all of his work as well as purchase clothing from his fashion line, "Fly95" at The following is a list of the shows in which his art has been featured:

  • TV Heads, Loft Zero Gallery, Chicago, IL 2016
  • Exposed, The Silver Room, Chicago, IL 2015
  • Mystery, TMRucker Gallery, Chicago, IL 2015
  • Chicago Sleepers Pop-Up, Chicago Sleepers, Chicago, IL 2017 
  • Vertical Gallery Holiday Pop-Up, Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL 2016
  • 3rd Annual City of Big Dreams Fundraiser, Chicago, IL 2016
  • Up and Coming Chicago Artists Showcase, Genesis Art Supply, 2016
  • Pokemon Show, Secret Vault Boutique, Arlington Heights, IL 2016
  • Diffused Galleria Opening, Diffused Galleria, Chicago, IL 2016
  • Open House, Secret Vault Gallery, Arlington Heights, IL 2016
  • Maskerade by AMFM, Chicago Art Department, Chicago, IL 2016
  • You Are Beautiful Show, Galerie F, Chicago, IL 2016
  • Smalls Show, Paper Crown Gallery, Chicago, IL 2015
  • Covers by Genesis Supply, Iridium Clothing, Chicago, IL 2015
  • Slanted Canvas, Art Genesis Supply, Chicago, IL 2015
  • TMRucker Group Show, Throop Studio, Chicago, IL 2015
  • Third Friday, Zhou B Art Center, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 2015
  • West Loop Show, Jimmy Fishbein Photography, 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 2014
  • Access Group Show, Ian Sherwin Gallery, Chicago, IL 2014
  • The Mighty Mini’s of March, Ian Sherwin Gallery, Chicago, IL 2014

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