Two Illustrations by Conrad Javier

Conrad Javier is an illustrator from Forest Park, IL. His work has been shown at the Zhou B Gallery, The Hope For A Day Show, Zatfig Zine, on the label of an Arcade Brewery Craft Beer. He has also been shown at the Complex Pop-Up art shows.

Three Photographs by Jeana Lindo

Jeana Lindo is an artist from Florida currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been shown all over New York and overseas. She was recently in Chicago for a group exhibition at The Overlook gallery which was featured in the Chicago Tribune.

Seven Drawings by Z Vickers

Z Vickers is a fine artist from New Lenox, IL currently living in Manhattan, IL.They attend school at the American Academy of Art. In 2014 their work was shown in the Moser Performing Art Center gallery, Vogt Visual Art Center, and the Laura A Sprague Art Gallery.

Seven Works by GIMO

GIMO is a visual, multidimensional artist from Chicago, IL currently working out of Pilsen. Their work has been featured in several group exhibitions at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. In 2017 they were featured in the McLean County Arts Center exhibition in Bloomington Normal, IL.

"Degüello" by Jaime Herrera Jr. and Luis Treviño

Jaime Herrera Jr. and Luis Trevino are filmmakers from Laredo, TX currently living in Chicago and studying film at Columbia College. They have been featured in the Columbia Chronicle, Callosum Magazine, Cineyouth Film Festival, Blow-Up Arthouse Film Festival, and several news outlets in the Laredo area.

Three Paintings by Christian Rentas

Christian Rentas is an artist from Chicago, IL currently working out of Melrose Park. He is studying at the American Academy of Art. His work has been awarded by Triton College and was featured in the ‘Art In The Park’ show in Elmhurst, IL.

Seven Paintings by Zach Bartz

Zach Bartz is a performer, producer, and painter in Chicago, IL. His work has been shown publicly throughout the United States and is held in private collections around the world. He is also the co-founder of The Shithole, Chicago's word-of-mouth variety show.

Five Songs by Danny McGavock

Danny McGavock is a musician from Chicago and Lake Forest, currently living in Nashville. He has performed several shows at venues in Colorado. Listen to his songs here, like "Hey, You're Like A Fever In My Heart". 

"Deep Blue" by The Hustle

The Hustle is a young Chicago area rock’n’roll quartet in their teens. The band features Ted Ansani on bass & vocals, Tommy Hinds on guitar & lead vocals, Alex O’Malley on the drums, and Andrew Pridmore on keyboard and guitar.

"Out in the Dark" by Forget!

Justin Bell is a musician from St. Charles, IL. Bell attributes the song's softness to the album’s rushed mastering process, but it also comes as a statement of confidence. Bell’s new album "Out of the Dark" represents a stage of experimentation for the twenty-one year old musician.