Five Songs by Danny McGavock

Danny McGavock is a musician from Chicago and Lake Forest, currently living in Nashville. He has performed several shows at venues in Colorado. Listen to his songs here, like "Hey, You're Like A Fever In My Heart". 

"Deep Blue" by The Hustle

The Hustle is a young Chicago area rock’n’roll quartet in their teens. The band features Ted Ansani on bass & vocals, Tommy Hinds on guitar & lead vocals, Alex O’Malley on the drums, and Andrew Pridmore on keyboard and guitar.

"Out in the Dark" by Forget!

Justin Bell is a musician from St. Charles, IL. Bell attributes the song's softness to the album’s rushed mastering process, but it also comes as a statement of confidence. Bell’s new album "Out of the Dark" represents a stage of experimentation for the twenty-one year old musician.

"Julianne Q" by Julianne Q and the Band

Julianne Q and the Band is a group from Chicago, IL. Julianne Q’s debut album (released 2017) has received international attention this year, and displays a timeless blues-rock flavor akin to Janis Joplin, Sara Bareilles, and Amy Winehouse.

"Hotline" by Ohzee

Ohzee is a rapper from Oak Park, IL. He has performed at many venues and events throughout Chicago. Ohzee has released full-length projects like "The Tire Marks EP" previously thru Callosum. "Hotline" is his latest single release. 

"On The Run" by Jessica Mindrum

Jessica Mindrum is a singer-songwriter from Oak Park, IL. She attended OPRFHS and College of William and Mary; in both schools she was active in A Capella and choral groups, as well as leading her own folk band Know The Both. She has performed at Fitzgerald's Nightclub, Happy Gallery, and currently is working at AudioTree. Jessica is in the process of recording her first debut EP. 

"Dead To You" by Chemical Ghost

Dead To You is Chemical Ghost's latest single, and is as densely populated with harmonic intricacies as it is with a truthful urgency that only the fracture of a breakup can induce. Ghost, as usual, pulls out all of the stops. Their music meets at the intersection of confessional, conscious, and tireless via their dedication to tight production and succinct lyricism.

"Boxer Cat" by Eric The Sage

Eric The Sage is an artist originally from the westside of Chicago, now living in Maywood, IL.

"Boxer Cat" tells the story of a supernatural feline who has existed since the beginning of time and is now fighting his way through life. This series of illustrations, made from a combination of hand-drawn and digital techniques follows Boxer Cat's journey through life on Earth. 

Four Paintings by Trey Alexander Martin

Trey Alexander Martin is a fine artist from the suburbs of Chicago currently living within Chicago. He focuses on watercolor and other water soluble mediums. 

These four selected paintings show the delicacy of common objects, which are subjected to the changes of time. Objects and their meanings become preserved in memory, as these canvases demonstrate.