How Can I Get My Work Published?

Callosum Magazine welcomes submissions of all genres on a rolling basis. You can submit your creative work at any time by simply emailing us at

We provide free feedback and promotional resources for Chicago-area artists, as well as the opportunity to be included in our quarterly showcases and in-print magazines.


What kind of work can I send in?

Anything and everything! We welcome all creative work, no matter the background, discipline, genre, age, or experience level. 

Is there a limit to how much work can I submit?

Nope! Send as much of your creative work as you'd like to

Which file format should I use?

Use whatever is most convenient for you. We don't require any specific file type. We prefer files instead of links for audio/video work, but whatever works for you is good for us.

Are there any deadlines?

We welcome work on a rolling basis, so feel free to send in your work whenever you'd like. However, in order to prepare your work for publication, we divide our year into four quarterly submission drives. The "deadlines" are as follows:

March 31
June 30
September 30
December 31

These dates serve to determine when in the year you'll be published. E.G: Any work we receive in the winter will be published in the summer, any work we receive in the fall will be published in the spring, etc.

When will I hear back from an editor about my work and my publication?

Depending on when you send us your work, you'll hear from an editor within 1-4 months. Special cases such as work associated with album releases, gallery openings, performances, and other specific dates will certainly speed up publication in order to promote those dates.