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"Boxer Cat" by Eric The Sage

Eric The Sage is an artist originally from the westside of Chicago, now living in Maywood, IL.

"Boxer Cat" tells the story of a supernatural feline who has existed since the beginning of time and is now fighting his way through life. This series of illustrations, made from a combination of hand-drawn and digital techniques follows Boxer Cat's journey through life on Earth. 

Four Paintings by Trey Alexander Martin

Trey Alexander Martin is a fine artist from the suburbs of Chicago currently living within Chicago. He focuses on watercolor and other water soluble mediums. 

These four selected paintings show the delicacy of common objects, which are subjected to the changes of time. Objects and their meanings become preserved in memory, as these canvases demonstrate.  

"Match Head" by Cyril Brown

Cyril Brown is an artist New Orleans, LA, currently living in Memphis, TN. He has self published a comic named "Hybrid Zero".

"Match Head" thrusts a panicked canvas towards the viewer. Viscerally exploring issues of body, psychology, and human identity, this painting is designed to stimulate and challenge the eyes (of which there are many).

Sculptures by Lillie Sheridan

Lillie Sheridan is an artist from Oak Park, IL. She was just accepted in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been featured in Crest Magazine and OPRF's "Best of the Year" show two years in a row.

These paper sculptures that Lillie Sheridan has collected demonstrate a tender patience with the material and an exploration into undiscovered forms and figures.

"The Baby Farmer" by Jaime Herrera Jr.

Jaime Herrera Jr. is a director from Laredo TX currently living in Chicago studying film at Columbia College. He wrote, produced, directed, and edited "The Baby Farmer". He and his team have been featured in the Columbia Chronicle and several news outlets in the Laredo area. 

Paintings by MuddaGoose

MuddaGoose is a rapper and visual artist from Chicago. As a visual artist, she works primarily in oil-based paint marker, printmaking, and graphic design. In 2014-2016 she hosted three shows at Floating World Gallery. In 2015 she was featured in the Logan Square Arts Festival. She was the Whitney M. Young High School class clown of 2014, and in 2015 and 2017 she displayed artwork in the Gallatin Arts Festival. 

Three Multi-Media Paintings by Madeline Simms

Madeline Simms is a poet, painter, and person of art from LaGrange, IL, currently living in Galesburg, IL.

These three paintings show the most exciting turn yet in Madeline's visual work. As the paint and material seem to reach off the canvas, they become topographies, landscapes of color and emotion.

Sculptural Work by Eric The Sage

Eric The Sage is a rapper, sculptor, illustrator and multi-disciplinary artist from Maywood, IL. His sculptural work is strengthened by an afro-futurist sensibility and approach. See more of his work on Callosum Magazine. 

"Paranoid" by Tommy Figel

Tommy Figel is an artist born and raised in Oak Park, IL. In addition to performing with BRAVO Performing Arts Academy, he has also produced several documentary films for them. He has performed in dozens of musicals and stage plays over the course of the last decade.

Three Architectural Studies by Kevin Cole

Kevin Cole is an undergraduate architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology. He was born and raised in Chicago. In these architectural studies, Kevin Cole shows us his grasp on the technical and the personal. The result is a depiction of the moment when observations in form and shape meet strokes of freedom and exploration.